Green Vacuum For Carpet Cleaning

Whether the area rug you have is a handmade masterpiece that is worthy of a spot inside the Louvre or just a fabulously functional home décor piece, its cleaning is better left to the professionals. Here is why:

Professional Knowledge

Is the rug’s weave hand-knotted, braided or hooked? Is it designed for silk, wool, synthetic fiber or cotton? What methods will clean every kind of weave and material most effectively? Is it safe if you use specific cleaning products on your rug? If you aren’t sure of the answers to these questions, or why they even matter, do not be concerned: Leave it to professionals! They learn from the best rug restorers, manufacturers, and cleaners within the business. This knowledge means your area rug will get the best of care.

Expert Grade Equipment

Even within lower traffic settings, an area rug takes lots of abuse. Additionally, they naturally trap dust, dirt, and additional allergens within their delicate fibres. As regular spot cleaning and vacuuming of your rug are critical elements of a maintenance regimen, an expert cleaning, using state-of-the-art equipment, includes the best method of extending your rug’s life and keeping it appearing its best.

Cleaning Process

First off, your rug will be submerged inside 1200 gallons of softly circulating water, deeply cleaning every one of your rug’s fibres. Next, the centrifuge will spin the rug at 900 RPM, effectively and quickly extracting excessive liquids and all remaining impurities. As it’s dry, the rug gets the pampering it deserves and receives a complete grooming with the best combs and brushes.

Excellent Results

As you blend expert knowledge with the best cleaning equipment, you’ll get a rug which is refreshed, vibrant, and reinvigorated. As a matter of fact, the results are so incredible that you might not even recognize the rug when it is returned to you! Additionally, area rug care professionals may re-fringe frayed edges and offer advice about how to best restore damaged area rugs.

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