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Upholstered furniture will add a touch of comfort and elegance to any room yet, to keep it appearing its best, it’ll require a little upkeep. While professional, routine cleanings are going to make sure you get the most out of the upholstery, daily soiling and stains may be dealt with at home. Here is how:


First off, make a good workspace by moving the furniture piece away from all walls or additional objects. Then, completely vacuum between your furniture’s cushions and inside any crevices or cracks in which dirt and dust might’ve settled.

Select Product

Your option of cleaning product largely will depend upon what kind of fabric you are working with. In order to determine what product the upholstery is able to tolerate, locate the furniture’s recommended cleaning directions, situated on its manufacturing tag.

Test and Clean

Prior to general application, test the cleaning agent on the underside or back of the furniture and monitor how the fabric responds. To avoid spills and for maximum control, it is suggested to apply the mixture using a spray bottle. As you feel comfortable that the upholstery is able to handle the cleaning solution, lightly mist it on all soiled spaces, and reserve direct spraying for obvious stains. Make certain that you keep the quantity of liquid used to a minimum, as substantial quantities of water may damage the fabric and, possibly lead to mold. In order to clean, push or pat an affected space using a dry microfiber rag. As that is done, softly wipe up all dirt and excess cleaning agent. Lastly, blot using a fresh dry rag to extract as much moisture as you can.


The upholstered furniture ideally ought to be left to dry for a minimum of twelve hours. Some warm sunlight and fresh breeze speed the process up yet, if the weather does not lend itself to opening the windows, turn a stand-fan or ceiling fan on.

If it has been a while since you have professionally had your upholstered furniture cleaned, or you are experiencing problems extracting a stubborn stain, call your chosen carpet cleaning company today.

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