It is incredibly simple to find a carpet cleaner.  Open a browser, type in some basic information and plenty of carpet cleaning companies will pop up in short order.  Finding the perfect carpet cleaner, however, takes a bit more than a web search and phone call.  Each of the companies will have the same basic list of promises and information, but what will really set them aside will be the quality of work.  Rather than waste time and money to get the work done, ask instead for them to come to your home and do an initial inspection of the carpet.  Then, you can ask questions on your terms at your comfortable place.

It is easy to hide behind a telephone and make promises, but the initial look is everything.  Is the van neat and orderly?  Does it look new and have the logo clearly emblazoned on the sides?  The inside can be messy, but it should be neat.  Are the service technicians well-groomed and in a uniform?  All of these first appearances are important.

After your initial observation and impression, get to the questions.  Be upfront and let them know you are looking at several companies before you make a final decision.  Here are the best questions to ask.

How long have you owned the company?

It is only fair that everyone has a starting point with a company.  A professional, established company should have plenty of previous company experience.  Even a new technician should have a seasoned professional along with them for the best experience.

Can I have a quote?

Some companies may offer a per room cost or per meter cost.  Either way, a soft quote, one that is not 100 percent binding, is standard service in the business.  The last thing you want is a long range of costs or hesitation on an estimate.  If either is not to your liking, thank them for their time and see them out.

What equipment do you use?

Carpet cleaning equipment does change with the technology, but the basics remain the same.  Since you got a previous look in the van, it should give you a good idea of what is there.  If you did not get a chance to check, ask.  Good carpet cleaning will be more than happy to show you any and all of their equipment and show you how it works.  It is a great idea to get the kids in on this.  Kids can ask questions, and if the technicians cannot answer, it should send up a red flag against using them.

When are you available?

Carpet cleaning is often done via schedule and is set in advance on your schedule and not the other way around.  A good company recognizes your time and will work with you.

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